Welcome to Mizuki Quality Massage.

We are located on Seven Senses Wellness Clinic in Westmere (West End Rd) close to Herne Bay /Pt Chevalier /Ponsonby/Grey Lynn/area.

 Mizu Ki which means roots of Japan. Mizu means water ...Ki means Tree / Energy.
My massage style  is always aware of flow of long stroke like a water (Mizu) and concentrate sending a good energy (Ki/Chi)  from the gift of God (Highest being)
How do you become Massage Therapist?
....Since I was  a little girl I have been very interested in  the art of massage. When I was about 8 yrs old  a blind male massage therapist used to come to massage my parents. Massage was always a normal part of our lifestyle in Japan. I was watching this therapist carefully and I used to copy his movement and did  neck and shoulder massages for my grand parents.

,Did you study in Japan to be an massage therapist?
....Not really,as my background is in Physical Education and competitive sports, representing in modern gymnastics, I  am experienced at advising Japanese business in health and fitness, and communicate with all types of Japanese business people who have stress in life. I guess my interest for physical and mental well being has  become part of my life but also I never thought I become massage therapist that stage.

So,What made you to lead you to change your occupation?
....Later on in  my life, I had a experience a big break down plus depression. I am  usually  a very happy  person, I never  knew I would have experienced depression and would break down..... I felt like I was in a black hole.

 But after this journey, I got a better understanding  for  other people who suffer mental break downs and depression and I gain more knowledge about compassion since this experience.
During my journey, I started to give massage to my friends who needed help.then each person suggested me to get qualification and be a therapist...so,I went to NZCM and I started my business soon after I graduated the course.

 Kimiko added ....
My aim for giving massages  is not  just doing massage, I really want to support people who need to be treated. I want  people who experience Mizuki massage not only  to have the experience of relaxation, but  also experience a deep state of inner peace.
Unfortunately people in NZ are still not aware of  the importance of  a massage for their daily life.  Some people also think about the word massage in a strange sort of way.
 I strongly believe  that everyone in the community  should have  the chance to
experience  a quality massage that would make their  body and mind more relaxed.
I'm looking forward to seeing you soon at my clinic.

          Warmest Regards


Mizu-ki Quality Massage Menu
Mizuki Oriental :Japanese style massage of acupressure 
                   points,which will  release your  dairy stress
                   and stimulate blood circulation (no oil used)
                   Recommended for people who has stiff muscles and 
                   who do not like using oil.

                   Neck shoulder back           $65 (50min)
                   Head neck shoulder back   $70 (60min)
                   Plus Arm & hands            (  Plus $10 )
Kaori :     Our signature treatment. (Most popular)

              Full body massage from the head to the toes.using Japanese and                  Swedish techniques.This beautiful treatment is highly recommended by                  many clients. If you feel stressed or anxiety, luck of energy, sleeping    
                 problem,or just love to be totally deep state of relaxation ,    
                 this treatment is for you.(This is our most popular menu.   )  
                                                                               $75    (60min)  
                                                        $97    (90min) 
                                                        $127  (120min) 

 Sakura: Foot bath & welcome drink + Full body  massage,  finishing with relaxing
                             music &  herbal tea. 2h treatment is including a beautiful face massage.                                                                                                                         
                                                                                $135 (120 min)
 Ki Crowning Glory :A very beautiful treatment focusing on your head and neck                                                             to ease stress  and restore your energy balance. 
                                                        This treatment includes a relaxing facial massage.
 Zen Foot Magic :Using the ancient art of reflexology you are treated to a foot bath and soothing drink, followed by a thoroughly relaxing foot and hand massage     
 Royal clients discounts
We have a discounts for our royal clients who book every week  or every 2nd week.

     *******Check next page for February Specials

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 Other service
ON SITE Massage
(A mobile service for employers and employees )
(Surprise present  for your loved one )
We come to your office
There is an easy way to bring the benefit of massage to your staff.
At your convenience We will come to your work place and provide a 15 minute neck and shoulder massage for your employees.This is a fully-clothed massage,requiring only a quiet corner in which to work.
Easy and Flexible
Because I come to your workplace,there is no extra work time lost in traveling to a clinic. Appointments can be made on a regular or one -off basis.
To obtain the maximum benefit for your employees, I recommend that employers subsidize massage to some extent. However, the low cost of these massage makes them affordable to everyone.

 -prevention of stress and fatigue in the work place
-Increased staff morale
-Improved relations with clients due to stress reduction
-Staff who feel appreciated by their employer

Home visit
People who are not able to come to a clinic or would rather receive a massage at home. Please contact for more details.

We hope you can find everything you need. We focus on providing a high quality treatment for the clients.
We are looking forward to seeing you soon !!